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Christmas Puppy

on December 24, 2009 in Family | No Comments »

After months of looking I finally found the perfect puppy-addition to the Clark Clan.

Zeus, a full-blooded Rottweiler, was born on 10/20/2009 and joined¬†the family on 12/15 at exactly 8 weeks old. I quickly realized that I had forgotten how difficult the puppy stage can be; the first three nights were brutal, but Zeus finally got over the separation anxiety and was sleeping through the night by day 4. Since then, life has consisted of potty runs every hour and basic training on name recognition and simple commands like “no”¬† and “come”.

Overall he is a great dog; Super smart and learning quickly which is a good thing since I expect him to be huge. His father is a big-boned monster at 165 pounds but had one of the sweetest temperament that I have seen in a Rotty of that size. Zeus has been great with the boys and with the other dogs and cats that he has been introduced to. The boys are stoked and frankly, so am I.

It is going to be great to watch him grow up with Nathan and Zack.