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We don’t tend to return to the same place very often. There are too many new places out there that we haven’t seen or experienced. Lake City is one exception.

We returned to the high country in Southwest Colorado for our fourth consecutive year to experience all there is to see and do on the Alpine Loop. This area truly has it all; Lakes, rivers, altitude, 12,000′ plus passes, sweeping views, and quaint historic towns. This year, we brought a number of friends with us who have heard us gush over the Alpine Loop but had not experienced it themselves.

In total, 23 people made the trip. Some stayed a few days and others (like us) stayed the full 10 day period. There were community meals, coordinated rides and a number of side excursions to the nearby shooting range, lake, and a number of scenic waterfalls. At one point, there was also a dire emergency.

My friends wife who suffers from Diabetes blacked out while riding her ATV near the top of Engineer Pass (elevation 12,805). As a result, her ATV went off the trail and about 100 yards down a very steep rocky embankment. A member of our party who was riding behind her managed to jump off his ATV and stop her from rolling further down the mountain. Two of us then rode different directions to alert Search and Rescue and it took a number of hours to get her transported off the side of the mountain to the hospital. She was very lucky and had relatively minor injuries ( likely due to the fact that she was unconscious wen she was rolling). The hospital released her after one day of observation and she managed to join the rest of the group the next day.

I have posted a number of pictures on Flickr from this trip as well as the aftermath of the accident. You can also find photos from trips we have take in years past. Just click the Flickr icon at the top of the page to view the albums. Even after all the excitement this year we plan on returning again to Lake City next year. In fact, the planning has already begun!