2010 Recap Series – Family Update

on December 17, 2010 in Family

This past year has been a crazy and exciting time for the Clark Clan. This is the first post in a series recapping some of the more noteworthy and significant events of 2010

Family Update

This December, Melanie and I celebrated 17 years of marriage. Honestly, it doesn’t feel like it has been that long. Looking back, it is crazy to think about all that we have experience and been through together. Crazier still is the fact that our relationship is stronger than ever. Looking back now, the last 17 years has exceeded my wildest expectations!

Melanie’s hard work and commitment to her Arbonne business has paid off in the form of significant growth this year. Her network of contacts continues to expand and she is finding new opportunities on a weekly basis. This year she is working on earning a family trip to the Atlantis resort in August of 2011 (I certainly hope she makes it!) Best of all, the entire family benefits from flexibility that she has in terms or work/life balance.

Nathan turned 8 this year and started second grade. He is reading at a fourth grade level which I attribute to his strong interest in dinosaurs. Have you ever read a dinosaur encyclopedia cover to cover? This year he had a significant growth spurt and is now a full head taller than anyone in his class. As a result, we upgraded his ATV to a 110cc shifter model this summer. It won’t be long before he is riding his own machine on our all-day trail rides!

Zack is in all-day kindergarten and is big into arts and crafts. My corkboard is loaded with colored cutouts of 4 legged At-At walkers (from Star Wars) that he makes from scratch. He has shot up in size as well but is still skinny as a rail. He inherited Nathan’s “old” ATV this summer and has finally gained enough confidence to keep up with his older brother while riding. They are both going to be hell on wheels very soon!

The Clark Clan grew by last December when we welcomed an 8 month-old Rottweiler puppy into our lives. Now a year old and 80 pounds, Zeus is maturing to be an exceptional dog. He is gentle and protective over the boys and exceptionally smart. He still has another 8 months or so to grow so I expect he’ll reach 100 to 120 pounds total. The perfect size for fending off mountain lions and bears when we are out camping!

As for me, I recently received promotion at Agilent and I am now managing pricing for half of the company. It is a challenging role that will expand my skills in the finance arena and give me great exposure into other areas of the company. In my “spare” time, I am running two separate businesses; Kegerator Kustoms, and Shawn Clark Consulting my web design and hosting company.

Kegerator Kustoms is a partnership with my buddy Jay. We founded the company in January of this year and have been churning out “custom” kegerators on a regular basis. Right now it is basically running itself but I would like to step up our marketing efforts and take it to the next level. If only I had the time!

Shawn Clark Consulting, my web design and consulting business, has grown considerably this year. I received two huge contracts and a number of new clients. Jobs and client request have been steady throughout the year and look to continue in 2011. It is great to see things finally take off, and even better to reap the rewards!

Tune in here again next week for the next installment in the 2010 Recap series.

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